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Originally Posted by crescent&pearls View Post
I'm a little unclear...sorry if I'm sounding nosy I have no knowledge at all about NPHC orgs and how they recruit, I only know that the alumnae/grad chapters are really different than the typical NPC alumnae chapter, mostly much larger. Do you mean that alumni/grad chapters have candidates that wait ten years to be initiated or that an alumnae group may or may not participate in recruitment for ten years?
I know it's just semantics, but let's not call it "recruitment" and call it instead "the initiation of new alumni/ae members."

Depending on the rules of that particular NPHC group, I mean both.

Yes, somebody could be waiting ten years for the *chance* to be initiated.


An alumni/ae chapter might indeed opt not to provide the chance of initiation for ten years.

There are 9 NPHC orgs and likely 9 different approaches to alumni intake, including residency requirements of the applicant. Some organizations conduct the initiation of new alumni/ae members by invitation only and you do not know you are being considered. For others, there may be a formal rush which is publicized in a local newspaper. For still others, you are responsible for securing one, two, three or more recommendations of your own.

ETA: What I do *not* mean is that someone is registered as an official candidate and just waits around for ten years. A chapter is either conducting intake or it isn't.
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