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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Well then I have a question - are there NPHC alum chapters who can say "we aren't going to accept anyone at the graduate level" or is that bucking policy?

I think I might be responding to something different than I think it is.
To answer it a *tad* differently, I have never heard of an NPHC alumni/grad chapter that was required to have intake at all.

I have heard of alumni chapters opting to wait years upon years before conducting intake, up to ten years in some cases, simply because that's their prerogative.

All I'm saying (back to my original point) is that those NPC orgs which have looser requirements for AI are not going to reverse their positions and view AI as an "honor" -- it's more likely that they will take an NPHC perspective of "invitation only" at the discretion of the alumni chapter, while instituting a better screening process.

(Only responding to what I've read on GC over the years)
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