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This is my 4th time rushing. I only like half the chapters because I don't feel like I fit into the others. Will recruitment be hard? Will my special golden chosen chapters love me as much as I love myself? If I tell the chapters that I dropped those other unworthy ones, will they love me more and recognize I'm a special snowflake?

Yeah, recruitment will be hard at many campuses. Some places practically only accept freshman. You will be given what you are given. Be happy with what you've got and accept it, you ungrateful brat. Most likely if they dropped you last time you went through recruitment, they won't like you any more than last time.

"Sisterhood is not about being popular, its about developing character, forming bonds, and self-discovery. If after four years you can hold you head high, then absolutely your sorority is "tops"." - H2oot
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