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Originally Posted by MsSophisticated View Post
Thank you for the feedback. The past isn't anything that would show up on a court record. Just a child doing things they shouldn't be doing in order to keep her family together. In short I was raised with 6 boys, the sold drugs I set deals and hustled to keep money up. At the same time I was very involved with the community, giving back when I could and what not. Guess I was a good kid and bad kid at the same time, but I'm not sure if an organization would overlook the bad and focus on the good. Even if I've been legit for 4 years now.
I really don't know the answer to your question. The most important thing is turning your life around.

I don't have any good advice except to expect both understanding and disappointment from people when/if they find out. You can't really control how others will react. It's your choice whether or not to tell people. We don't know how serious it was, your likelihood to return to that environment, if you're still surrounding yourself with poor influences, what the people you would be telling are like, the organization's policies, etc.

Good luck.

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