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I Am Honored To Call You My Sister

I know that I can trust you
with my most cherished treasures,
with my heart and soul, and
with every secret I hold.
I know that you will listen
without criticizing me for my mistakes.
You hear what I am trying to say,
even when I fail to express myself clearly.
I know that I can believe you
without worrying that you will mislead me
because you are honest with me,
even when honesty means disagreement.
I know that you will accept me,
despite every wrong turn I've made.
You simply love who I am.
I know that our hearts are connected
on the deepest level.
You know me so well;
Your insight and your view of me
make me feel so complete.
I know that I am special
because you are so special.
I am proud of our friendship and
the strength we have together.
I am honored to call you my sister
and fortunate to call you my friend.

~Regina Hill
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