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Originally Posted by The Laminater View Post
When I asked for a % I kind of meant a more general answer like 25% 50%. Let me rephrase it, do most people who rush get at least one bid or is it a small chance to receive a bid. I know that it depends on the type of person you are but Im talking about the entire rush population as a whole. Also do GPAs have any significance in the rushing process because I have a 4.0 (just curious). Thanks again guys.
Again ... your chances of receiving a bid are ZERO if you do not participate in recruitment.

As everyone else has said, it really depends on so many factors (school, Greek climate, grades, service, personality, etc.) that it is impossible for anyone to give you an average percentage of PNMs that obtain bids. Organizations and chapters vary from campus to campus and unless you personally give recruitment a shot on your particular campus with the organizations recognized there, you will never know what your personal chances are. Some organizations or chapters may weigh grades more heavily than others but until you get to know the Greek population on your specific campus in more detail (usually by attending recruitment events) no one here will be able to give you an answer.

Sorry if this is a bit mean but seriously, stop hiding behind the statistics you are hoping to acquire and meet some Greeks to determine if joining a fraternity is right for you. If the thought of putting yourself out there as an interested PNM is too scary, contact the Greek Life office on your particular campus and ask for their specific placement percentage (if it is something that they even track). Good luck.
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