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Originally Posted by AEPi4Life View Post
basically no restrictions. we are off campus. the way i want to set up rush is 4 or 5 small events on weekdays and 1 major event on the weekends. 42 person chapter.. most brothers attend cheap events. i subsidize it a little for brothers for expensive events. weather good.. its fall rush. we start as soon as school starts. informal rush. many events in house, but we have 7 houses (6 people per house) so theres no 1 giant house.. just one house where we throw all our parties. thanks for your help
id tone that down, while you want to maximize opportunities, 4-5 times a week is a bit much, maybe have a particular event on two nights of the week, like tuesday/thursday, big event fri or saturdday, you don't want to exhaust your guys if you do too much, attendance will begin to wear thin in a chapter that small.

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