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Originally Posted by PhiGam View Post
Royale Club is even cheaper.

Sam's Club has alot of it on sale for real could probably get a handle of Evan as part of a larger package...(i think they come in 6's) for like less than 10 bucks a pop. You're looking at 200 handles.

Not bad. I think at a smaller university it'd be hard pressed to find a group of rushees that could finish off 200 handles.
Overall, though, it's the bigness of the car that counts the most. Because when something bad happens in a really big car accidentally speeding through the middle of a gang of unruly young people who have been taunting you in a drive-in restaurant, for instance it happens very far away way out at the end of your fenders. It's like a civil war in Africa; you know, it doesn't really concern you too much. - P.J. O'Rourke
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