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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
Yes, I assumed that there was an obvious PNM hierarchy, which is an extreme example, and certainly QA's could mess this up. I think that what the WRC would have to be pretty sure that the women they were cutting would not be carried through to prefs at any other chapter.

Why take an okay PNM if you can take an awesome one?

What does this have to do with FR?

But in general, it benefits the WRC to have a lower quota, I think.
Some chapters don't mind getting fewer at FR because they know they'll get to quota during COB. And my experience has been that the WRC on RFM get more pledges than the higher recruiting ones. It's harder sometimes for them to keep them but they do initially seem to be on more equitable footing as RFM adjusts quota automatically until it is pretty balanced across the board. That's esp true on a smaller campus.
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