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I know that in my chapter, we aren't allowed to talk about the 4 D's:

Daddy's money

They are pretty safe topics for everyone to stay away from. One other thing, when asked about specific fraternities or sororities (So, I was talking about XYZ at another rush party, what do you think about them?) We steer the conversation back to our paticular chapter house. If it's guys, maybe start to tell about a philanthropy you did, if it's girls, maybe you did a sisterhood with them, there are tons of topics. In general, almost any topic that you can bring up, we can make it a safe one to talk about.

Even if you have been asked the same question 10 times already, don't get too tired of it, we don't know the answer, and we still want to know. And you never know, maybe someone will have a different response and you wil have an entirely different conversation! I once was speaking with a PNM about where she was from, and it turned out we grew up in the same area, so we had a lot to talk about and reminice. She turned into my rush crush that year, and was a great girl!
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