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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
I wonder if the author would have written such an article if it were an NPC sorority chapter instead.

I believe that if the Beta's had been hosting an NPC chapter that night, that group would be in hot water as well. IMO, PSU is singling out the Greeks with sanctions is far more of a CYA move, than real concern for student safety. If they wanted to implement policies to protect all students, these sanctions would be applied across all campuses, not just University Park, as well as all clubs and orgs on campus. There was a pledge death associated with hazing a few years ago at one of the branch campuses so it certainly goes on there. The THON orgs, like the one that was there that night, regularly have parties. Sanctions were not levied on the NPHC or NMGC chapters. The sanctions were levied exclusively on the IFC/Panhel chapters at University Park. This, to me, is telling about what leadership at PSU is really hoping to accomplish.
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