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And confusion reigns . . .

In an attempt at clarification:

1.) There are, for example in Nevada, laws which legalize and regulate brothels. Those are not the laws we are referring to in this thread.

2.) There are rumoured to be laws which restrict single-sex dwellings in an attempt to prohibit brothels. These are the laws referred to as "brothel laws" for the purposes of discussing Greek housing.

3.) We have yet to see a citation of a "brothel law" which would explain why sorority (or fraternity) houses are not allowed. If you have one, please post.

4.) If your campus does not have Greek housing, odds are it is because of zoning laws which have little or nothing to do with the sex industry. Rather than rely on heresay, check into your community and county zoning laws. It may also simply be a decision on the part of your campus. DO YOUR RESEARCH - GET THE FACTS. You may be able to change whatever is preventing GLOs from having houses.

This has been a public service announcement. Now back to your regular programming.
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