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UCSB Rush as a Junior Transfer?

My best bet into UCSB is to transfer in from SBCC. I'd figure for freshmen year I'd live in the private dorms they have nearby, but I've talked to a few friends who attend UCSB and they really recommended trying out the Greek life. Note that I'm still a senior in high school right now but am in the process of planning out how I want to enjoy college.

I don't exactly know how the bidding processes work for Fraternities, but I'm a pretty social person and wouldn't mind looking into joining one; the thought of having close friends and a joint brotherhood appeals to me. My questions are, will rushing as a transfer (possibly Sophomore or Junior year) hurt my chances of getting into a Fraternity? Should I even bother trying? And what costs are associated with joining one? I also heard that some Fraternities will even take SBCC students as inactive members reserving a spot for them until they transfer. I don't know how true the last part is, but can someone help educate me on this?
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