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It is the maximum # YOU have to attend, not the maximum POTENTIAL you might attend. It doesn't matter if the campus maximum for pref was 3, your max for pref was 1, because that was your only invitation. Had you attended and signed the MRABA, you would have had a bid. That is how it works. PNMs who maximize their options means PNMs who attend all the parties they have invitations to each round.

Disregard the cancer component for a minute and take a good, strong look at you as a PNM. How did you compare with PNMs you met during rush? Were you as friendly? Outgoing? Relaxed? Conversational?Did your outfits look similar to what the other PNMs were wearing? Were you yourself, or someone you thought the sororities were looking for?

How did your resume' stack up? were you able to participate in clubs at your former college? How about leadership positions? At this point HS activities are a moot point-you need college activities. Did you have collegiate volunteer hours? HS volunteer hours don't count anymore.

Why did you not have recs to all the sororities? Could you not find alumnae to write them? Were you not interested in them because you didn't want to join those 4? Do you think you could find the missing recs before COB activities? Some sororities require a recommendation for each new member before she is pledged. It has nothing to do with what is on the Campus Panhellenic webpage-it is a requirement of these national organizations.

Did you have to take some time off from college for treatment and recovery? Are you older than the average PNM? Even a couple of years can make a difference. i.e., average sophomore PNM is 19. If you are 22 as a sophomore that could be a problem.

Were all your credits accepted by your new college? Some colleges accept hours, but don't list a GPA until you have earned one at the present institution. If the records the sororities saw did not display a Present Day University GPA that might have hurt you.

Titchou means were your recs from people who have known you intimately for (at least) several years, or were they the "generic" ones a PNM might get from a friend of a friend of a friend?
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