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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
You were invited to pref which means you were guaranteed a bid if you attended their party and put them on your bid card. By withdrawing, you turned them down. That's the reality of the situation. And I know that you had nothing to do with contracting cancer but the chapters are looking for women who will be there long term. You're a junior transfer and are ill. That automatically puts you at a disadvantage. I'm not saying any of this is right or wrong - just that it is reality. And pardon the GPA remark but the way you explain it here is not the way you stated it before. You went in with a lot of deficits. You declined your option. It doesn't bode well for you in COB. I'm just trying to be realistic - not mean. But you won't ever know if you don't try. If you can get strong personal recs for the chapters that are doing COB, that's your best bet. And be prepared - as I said before - to accept whatever you are offered. If not, don't sign up.
The way the system was explained to me was that if you have the max number houses left on preference night and you don't suicide, you're gauranteed a bid. I only had one house left, which wasn't the maximum number. Therefore, no, I'm not sure I would have definitely gotten a bid. I've even heard stories about people like me getting completely dropped solely because they put one house, but in my case, that would have been my only choice. I'm sorry if the GPA information was confusing. I'm a sophomore, not a junior. What do you mean by strong personal recs? Like people vouching for me?
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