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Originally Posted by pnm092802 View Post
This year I transferred to a university in the south (not an SEC school) from a community college as a sophomore. I had a lot of reasons for transferring, the biggest being that I'm currently going through cancer treatment and had a few complications and issues during the 2015-2016 school year. I still have about 9 months left of treatment, but was feeling better and decided that I was really ready to transfer.

I really wanted to be apart of Greek life in college. I thought that a sorority would be a great way to make friends. I felt a little better about formal recruitment because of the upperclassmen quota at my university. I went into recruitment excited and with an open mind. I felt that the first round went really well and I thought I had some meaningful conversations with some of the girls. However, for second round I was only asked back to two houses with the potential to be asked back to eight and more than ten choices. The two I was asked back to were not my favorites, but I kept trying. Right before preference night, I was cut from one house and only had one left. I still tried, but it did not feel like the right fit. I ended up dropping right before I was supposed to list my preference. The combination of feeling really sad about the process and not feeling too good about the house I had left led me to drop.

I don't know if it's that I'm not as pretty anymore due to my hair being really short, or not knowing people in the houses, but I was really disappointed.

I've signed up for COB, and I'm starting to meet more people in sororities. Do you think there's a chance that COB or Winter Recruitment could work out for me? I wanted a chance to check out a few other sororities a little better. I'm not sure if there's anything I should do or even could do about this. But I'm still really upset almost three weeks later. Do you have any advice?
I wouldn't assume off the bat that it was appearance related.

Honestly, not knowing women may have been the bigger issue. There also may be the transfer student issue. There are schools at which freshman students tend to have the advantage.

I'd ask yourself what is going to be different this time around? What are you doing differently this time to set yourself up for success in COR?

Additional side comment: Please make sure you're stable in your health before undertaking a sorority - especially if you are currently undergoing treatment. Your health and life are so much more important.

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