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Originally Posted by MIZ-MOM View Post
My daughter is going through formal recruitment now in the SEC, along with her 3 roommates. I will tell her recruitment story as it happens, using SEC schools. It just so happens that the number of SEC schools matches the number of formal recruitment sororities.

She went into recruitment with an open mind, but had a few preconceived notions about the sororities. So just for fun, she ranked her top 8 just to see how much they changed after she met them. Here is her pre-rush rank: (1) Missouri (2) Alabama (3) Auburn (4) Georgia (5) South Carolina (6) Mississippi State (7) Vanderbilt (8) Florida.

Today she attended socials with 8 of these schools. Here is her rank of the top 4 in the 8 that she met today: (1) Alabama (2) Missouri (3) South Carolina (4) Vanderbilt. The other 4 that she met today, in no particular order, were Kentucky, LSU, Texas A&M, and Florida. From this you can see that Alabama already passed Missouri after Day 1.
SEC Schools:
1. Alabama
2. Arkansas
3. Auburn
4. Florida
5. Georgia
6. Kentucky
7. LSU
8. Mississippi State
9. Ole Miss
10. Missouri
11. South Carolina
12. Tennessee
13. Texas A & M
14. Vanderbilt
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