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A few more things:

1) A lot of women don't feel 100% at home until their sophomore year, when they actually move into the chapter house with their new sisters. This is totally normal.

2) On bid night, some chapters give girls something like a temporary big sis, with real bigs chosen later. If the girl paired with you on bid night is not the one you hoped for, it is not a reflection on you. The fact is, on the active side, some women are great rushers, and others are not. When we do the pairings, there are actives who know zero of the new women and we have to do our best to pair them with a new member based on something like major or common interest or something. This is often a very hectic process that takes place in a matter of minutes as we get ready for the NM's.

3) All sororities have formal, and barndance, and mixers, and everything else. All sororities get paired for events with frats that have some hot guys and some fugs.

4) Having friends in other chapters puts you in a great position for things like running for student government. Heck, just being greek makes other greeks more likely to vote for you.
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