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Originally Posted by Lilymaddy View Post
I was afraid to ask people in my life for recs because I knew they'd judge me (especially my mom, whom I did not tell I was rushing until after I had registered) for being interested in greek life.
Beyond no recs and sororities' concern about how you'd pay for Greek life (or have time) if they knew you are working two jobs there might have been something else going on related to what you wrote that I quoted:

That because of your fear of family judgement, your "energy" might have seemed "off". Meaning that you want this but you're conflicted. My experience is that when there's an inner conflict then you can come across as a bit off. It's a self-sabotage of sorts. Not that the actives knew what it specifically was, just that something was off, maybe you came off awkward.

I really believe for you to feel really relaxed and happy during rush, you can't have this type of energy going on.

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