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Originally Posted by boyyy View Post
Tiers are BS but some sororities seem more entitled than others. I don't necessarily want to mix with the prettier girls but rather grow our social presence in general
I like this question much better.

Since new fraternity = not very much $ for social activities, I offer this suggestion:

Offer to help a particular sorority with their charity work or event. Then, if they accept, be sure to have everyone in your chapter show up en masse at the event prepared to stay all day and work hard along with the sorority. Benefits are as follows: 1) doesn't cost anything; 2) they get to see you as a group; 3) you have a better opportunity to get to know them; 4) the ice (so to speak) will be broken; 5) they will be seeing you in a good light (i.e., sober); 6) you will be mixing with them longer than at some lame party you might throw; 7) they can see how cool and enterprising you all are; 8) you will be with them long enough to learn their names; 9) their drunk, lazy-ass boyfriends won't likely be there; and 10) it doesn't cost anything.

Good luck.

PS - Bypass the sorority's social chair. Instead - contact the sorority's committee in charge of their charity stuff.

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