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Originally Posted by boyyy View Post
Tiers are BS but some sororities seem more entitled than others. I don't necessarily want to mix with the prettier girls but rather grow our social presence in general
Just mix with who wants to mix with you. This ain't rocket science. And are you telling me in the days of Snapchat, Insta and Facebook that you can't get a social chair's contact information? That seems absurd.

Can you not approach a member of that organization either in person or online and ask for the contact information of the social chair?

Actually no, follow none of my advice. You need to talk to your on campus advisers. I don't know how your campus works, none of us really do, but since you did say how many fraternities and sororities exist on your urban campus, you probably gave away what school you go to and what chapter you belong to. People on GC have lots of time on their hands.

And settle down.. don't be obsessed with where you're climbing. If you're getting members you can form strong personal relationships with, you're doing it right. If you're getting the President of the Student Body/HS Star Quarterback who turns out to be a complete douchecanoe, then you're doing it wrong.
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