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Hopefully something constructive will come of this.


Inter-Fraternity Council President Tommy Reid, a fourth-year College student, issued a statement shortly after Sullivan’s email. In it, he emphasized a mission of action by fraternities to act as primary agents for change in sexual assault.
“This is a temporary, short-term action that will ultimately benefit our University and our community in the long-term, not an impulsive move to blame rape on fraternities,” he said in an email. “The temporary suspension grants our fraternity system time to develop substantive and actionable solutions for the future.”
Reid said sexual assault was not just a fraternity problem, but a University-wide problem.
“At times, our organizations are placed with a disproportionate share of the blame for sexual misconduct,” he said. “The IFC recognizes that sexual assault is a problem in fraternities; we also recognize that we can be catalysts for the solution. Banning fraternities will not solve the complicated problem of rape in our society.”
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