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Originally Posted by elizababe1 View Post
I rushed during FMR 2017 and did spring recruitment for the one sorority offering it this season. I didn't get too far either time, but it was probably because I wasn't very active on campus freshman year (various health issues and depression hit me like a freight train!!) and didn't know many sisters. Mea culpa, I'm improving

I know some sororities have separate quotas for upperclassmen. I got very sad after learning I'd been released during FMR because I thought I'd definitely not have a chance as a junior, but then I did some research and found that some of our sororities pledged juniors and even seniors during FMR!! Is there a way to know if my campus houses have upperclassman quotas?
My top picks are KKG and Delta Gamma, but I'm not SUPER picky, as in, I won't suicide during prefs, or self-release if neither picks me. Also, I know some TriDelt alums I can get recommendations from
Call and ask your Greek Life office. Be aware that even if a organization HAS an upperclassman quota option, they may or may not choose to take advantage of it. Pledging juniors can be tricky & difficult. On some campi, those junior slots are given strictly to very close friends of active members.

And I would suggest that you drop the "my top picks" language. That will lead to another unsuccessful rush.
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