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Originally Posted by AZTheta View Post
You asking for advice?

Sign up and go to Open House rounds. Get it out of your system.

Not sure of your intentions, because it sounds like youíre looking to bump your resume for med school applications. Thatís how it comes across to me.

Iím skeptical. Tattoos, divorced, a 4.0, two kids. Not a lot that youíre bringing to the SEC sorority table, but you already know that, correct?

Oh, when you post on an Internet forum, you canít tell people how to respond. Go ask on reddit ( if you havenít already). FWIW your legacy status and recommendations are something that multiple PNMs also bring to SEC recruitment. Again, you knew that already, right?

Divorced due to domestic violence unfortunately. I also am new to the area so I would appreciate making lifelong friendships. Thank you for being super honest!!!
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