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After being referred over here from a current thread, I realize that I hadn't told my story.

I am one of those first generation college students so of course I was the first to have the opportunity to become Greek. I had no knowledge of NPHC before attending the Black Student Union sponsored pre-Freshman weekend in the spring before I matriculated. On that weekend, all of the AA orgs (this was a PWI) laid out the red carpet for us.

Of course, the NPHC orgs were front and center. While my assigned 'mentor' was a Delta from my home town, I felt totally comfortable with her 'crew'. I did get a chance to meet others (1 other sorority and 2 fraternities) but I kept gravitating back to the Red Zone. I was so hyped that I devoured everything I could about Delta that summer. The history of the org just blew me away. I, too, found out that many prominent women I admired were Deltas, including the sitting school district superintendent and the first black female judge on the city superior court.

When I got back to campus, many of the cool peeps I had met the previous spring had graduated and most of the members of the new Fall line were from other campuses in the citywide chapter. However, by spring, I had expressed interest but I was nervous because my then roommate also wanted to be a Delta and I knew it would be awkward if one of us was accepted and the other was not. We turned out to be linesisters!

Many of my cousins followed my footsteps to college but only one decided to become Greek; she pledged Zeta. But I still keep hope alive!
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