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Originally Posted by JonInKC View Post
Ok, I won't move the goal post. Kaepernick obviously can't reach it where it is anyway. Winners in the NFL, just like winners in other aspects in life, don't need narratives.
So you have no real knowledge to back up your comments about Kaepernick wanting more money than the owners were willing to pay?

By the way, to your little snarky comment about Kaepernick not being able to reach the goal post; I decided to look at Kaepernick's stats versus the stats of Troy Aikman (who is considered very successful in the NFL). I used ESPN as my source.

Aikman played 165 games over 12 seasons (13.75 average). Kaepernick played 69 over 6 seasons (11.5 average).

Completions: Aikman average 17.5; Kaepernick average 14.6

Attempts: Aikman ave. 28.6; Kaepernick ave. 24.5

Completions: Aikman 61.5%; Kaepernick 59.8%

Yards: Aikman ave. 199.6; Kaepernick 177.8

Touchdowns: Aikman ave. 1 per game; Kaepernick 1.04 per game

Passing Touchdowns: Aikman- 1 per game; Kaepernick 1.04 per game

Rushing TDs: Aikman- 9 in 12 seasons; Kaepernick- 13 in 6 seasons

Rushing Stats?

Aikman- 165 games, 327 attempts with 1016 total yards.

Kaepernick - 69 games, 375 attempts with 2300 total yards.

In any way shape and form, except for his first year when he only played 3 games and admittedly sucked, Colin Kaepernick held his own as a QB with one of the best. Are there some QBs who were/are better than Kaepernick? Yes. Are there some who are worse? Yes.

So, please don't be like other people who all of a sudden want to pretend that Colin Kaepernick was some kind of bad QB. Like all QBs, he had good games and bad games. Not getting hired by an NFL team, in my opinion, has nothing to do with his supposed lack of skill.
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