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Originally Posted by DistantXOcousin View Post
This question is on every greek life forum from here to Haifa.
Originally Posted by carnation View Post
Well, the OP is obviously a loser/troll!
Oh good grief. I wrote a detailed response because I was trying to give a kid the benefit of the doubt and it turns out the guy is some kind of obsessive weirdo. Thanks y'all for the head's up. I deleted my post.

This is what the OP told us:

I disposed a couple of glass bottles (wasn’t beer or any alcoholic beverage).

Look at what he says here in the post on Reddit:

About a month and a half ago I slept over at my girlfriends sorority house for a night. The next morning, I went downstairs to dispose a glass bottle, only to be confronted by the house mother. She gave me a run down of the rules but was also suspicious of the fact that I was drinking alcohol (hence the glass bottle). I had an alcoholic beverage, which was a soda.
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