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Originally Posted by navane View Post
Or an academic honor society?

Also, is it possible that a relative from the same organization purchased one as a gift on HJ and had it sent to the NM as an initiation gift? I mean, I would think the NM would know that she had an aunt or something from the same sorority; but, maybe a tiny bit possible?
I ordered a Pi Phi badge for my daughter (they are given a gold-filled one that's included with the initiation fee, but she/I wanted her to have a real gold badge, and she picked out the one with a diamond in the arrow head). I called Pi Phi and ordered it, with engraving, and Pi Phi sent it to the CHAPTER HOUSE, probably to some designated officer, NOT to my daughter. I remember them confirming the chapter house address with me when I ordered. It did arrive in time for her to be initiated with the badge, but she was not shown or given the badge until she was initiated and there were a few new members who also had special order or legacy badges.
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