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You're right, it is stupid. You have only dealt with one chapter of one sorority at one school. You might go thru rush at your new school, get DDD again, and have a perfect fit. Or you might fit in another sorority. At any rate, make sure you can afford whatever you get into. Hopefully the reduced tuition will alleviate that issue.

I’m not sure what sort of “aftermath” you are referring to, but if you were told that you are no longer part of the DDD chapter at your current school, it’s nothing personal, it’s just the letter of the law, as it were. Once you terminate your pledgeship or initiated membership, it is indeed as if you never existed in the sorority. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh or cold to you but it’s the truth. Especially nowadays when risk management is such an issue. You can’t be a guest at mixers or functions.

Were you clear with ALL the members about the fact that you’re transferring due to financial reasons, and wouldn’t be there next semester even if you did initiate?
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