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At Morehead, we don't have sorority houses, but we do have a residence hall that is primarily for the sororities with each floor belonging to a specific sorority. Anyway, it is called Nunn hall, and it is said to be haunted. The way the story goes is that a long time ago, like in the seventies or something like that, a girl commited suicide by jumping off the ninth floor (gamma phi beta floor) of the hall. Nunn hall is made kind of oddly, with it being more like apartments than the other halls. When you walk out of your room you walk outside and there are big open windows without glass or anything. After the girl commited suicide however, they added bars to make it a little more complicated to fall to your death. We have kind of like a porch type thing on the first floor and she landed on the roof of it. If you are on the second floor of the hall you can planely see the indentations of where her body landed. It is REALLY creepy. Anyway, she supposedly roams the halls of Nunn. I have never seen her myself but some of the other girls claim to have seen her run past their widows or their doors mysterously opening and closing.

Also, this past year a girl commited suicide by hanging herself in her door room in Butler hall. It was pretty creepy going up there (one of my sorority sisters was her RA) because there was police tape on her door for the longest time while investigators tried to figure out her motives for suicide. I definately wouldn't want to be a new freshman coming in this next year who got stuck in that room!!!!
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