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I remembered something small about our house...

Its pretty normal, but I call my new room, APT F, the haunted room. My one sister Piper lived in it alone this past spring. She had some candles on her dresser across the room, she went to light the blue one, and couldnt becuase the wick was buried in the wax, so she lit the red one. She fell asleep, and no one came into her room, and when she woke up she was scared to death because the blue candle was burning, and the red was out, like someone had blown it out.

Another story is (dood, its like 3:30 and my back is to my door, Im so freaked out... lol) well Piper slept with her door closed, and one night, she woke up and her door was open, and so she thought, okay someone came past and opened it to see if she was home, but she usually sleeps with it locked. So she got up and started to walk over to shut it and it slammed shut. Not like the draft in the house did it... but hard like someone was mad... (she didnt have any windows open either!) This makes me feel really safe in great APT F!

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