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Well we don't have houses or anything... but I can tell some interesting stories about the dorms on my campus. The first story is that someone committed suicide in one of the 4th floor rooms in the freshman dorm... they changed the carpet and stuff.. (not too obvious or anything) The second creepy thing is one of our alums told us that back in.....I think in the late 80's or so there was a guy who would go around the dorms licking the toes of girls while they were sleeping... they would wake up because of this person licking their toes... and he would disapear before they completely woke up or before they did. They never really found him and the only thing the campus officials could do was to tell people to wear socks to sleep... appearantly this case got so famous that Letterman even joked about it in his opening monologue talking about the "San Francisco State Toe Licker" They assumption is that it was an RA or someone that had keys and would've known the building very well. Other than that my school is pretty boring..
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