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I have some questions that I'm still iffy on after reading all these thread

First of all, I am currently attending CUNY John Jay and we don't have a legitimate greek life. There's a few sororities and only one fraternity (that I can find! -- this is national i believe) that are local and are spread throughout the CUNY system. I decided that it would be nice to see who was interested in creating a new group and trying to push the school to recognize us, since we're only of the only CUNY without greek life. Now after finding about 15 potentials and creating a creed/symbols/crest/name and so on, we think it might be worthwhile trying to bring a national in.

A friend from another school told me that nationals could help talk to the school board about allowing sororities/fraternities? Do y'all think that is the case?

And for those who have started a chapter, how did you go about looking at all 26 NPC and other nationals? Right now I'm trying to focus on the philanthropies, but I literally started researching national information tonight, so I am open to any ideas.

Also, if you saw a national had 5 established chapters in your area (I'm in NYC), would you interpret that as a probable "no" for their expansion, or would you see it as "we love this area and want to have more chapters"?

And, having no legit PanHel Council here at my school, would you think its best to talk more with the school or NPC first?

I'm sorry if these are listed somewhere (I know the "Rush at UCSC" has a lot, and did read it all, but I might have missed them) but like all the posts and such before, any advice would be appreciated! I'm also sorry if this makes no sense

Thank you in advance
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