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Originally Posted by DSTCHAOS View Post
I was looking at Youtube and saw that this SAE issue has been going on for yeeeeeeears.

Your NHQ may be doing a cost-benefit analysis and finding that it is not worth all of the trouble. Maybe they believe that people with an ounce of investigative ability can figure out that the Philipine SAE isn't associated with the real SAE. Even if they are using all of the symbols.

This is tough. Pardon me if this is none of our business but has your NHQ not issued a formal statement about this? Ever?
Ya this has been going on for about four decades now. You're probably right on the money (literally) with your the cost-benefit analysis theory. I'm sure it'd cost a fair bit of change to pursue a copyright infringement case across international borders. Our national laws used to contain official position statements with respect to certain specific topics, but those were removed beginning with the 2005 edition of the Fraternity Laws. I don't recall any of those statements pertaining to the Philippine organization, so I'd venture to say NHQ has probably never made any formal, official statement one way or another. I do know they've been commented upon in our quarterly magazine, The Record, and in private conversations between brothers, but that's about it.
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