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I love this stuff so much! Here's what's happened on my campus:

At our school we're not allowed to have sorority houses, so we have hallways in the dorms that are reserved for us. A long time ago before my chapter inhabited our hallway a girl lived in the very last room on the end that now serves as our ritual room (in other words, place where we dump everything). She was pregnant but it wasn't visible so no one really knew it. I guess she was a smoker or something because she ended up having the baby in her room and it was a stillborn. Winter break had come up and she didn't know what to do with it because no one knew and she was embarrassed. When everyone got back from break a terrible smell lurked in the hallway, and it was coming from her door. They found the baby wrapped up in a plastic bag and put in the corner of her closet. They ended up taking her away to a hospital somewhere and I believe she's still there. The only way we know this is true is because one of our sisters' neighbors was the RA on the floor when it happened. The school kind of kept it hush hush. There's rumors all over campus that it happened in all the other dorms, but our hallway is the real place. We constantly find the lights on and the curtains open. We hardly ever go in there, but sometimes we'll be walking through the parking lot and see the curtains open and lights on. Also, it sort of haunts the room next to it. Two of my sisters live there now and they've had to have their TV sent to the repairman 3 times because the picture keeps spontaneously messing up. We've also had sisters' TV's turn on and off or the channel changes by itself. One sister even woke up to having her comforter being thrown off of her. We just call it "the baby" and we kind of think of it as our protector although it scares us to death too.

This story is definetely true; there was a TV movie made about it called "Murder in a Small Town" or something. In the 70's this guy (I won't mention his name) was in one of the fraternities here and got into a shady deal (drugs or gambling, something like that) with a couple of his brothers and this woman who owned a furniture store in town. He wanted out and they were afraid he would blow their cover or something so they arranged to have him killed. Two girls that were unrrelated to the dealings were asked to pick him up and bring him to the guys and this woman that were waiting late at night in the middle of a farm field. The girls dropped him off and left, and the brothers and the woman buried him alive. He was missing for a LONG time and no one knew what happened to him until the girls saw something about it on the news and came forward. They told the police that they had dropped him off and left, so the police asked them if they remembered where they dropped him off. They took them to the farm and eventually found his body. His mother speaks to high schools in the area about it, but our school does a good job of covering it up because most people don't know about it. I didn't know about it until someone made a reference to it and I made them tell me.

Pretty scary stuff! Especially since it's true!!!
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