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Originally Posted by Tom Earp View Post
As A Fraternity guy, all of this amazes me. With todays costs of attending college, just maybe this member happens to need extra money!
Being in a Sorority is extra money that is not a positive must for what it cost.

The snideness of many of the remarks here is unbecoming of you! When members treat a member like this I think it sucks!

Many of my Brothers needed to work jobs to help pay bill such as dues and all of the other things that maybe required much of which is just plain B S and needed only in your minds.

Greek life may be forever, but graduation is more important! I would never belittle a member for trying to pay for college and graduate over being in a group of katty women who look down their noses at a fellow sister!

Shame on all of you!

Once she outed her sorority and said how much she hated it, game over. Yes, this started out smaller, but that blew my mind.
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