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Originally Posted by AGDee View Post
What this will mess up is housing. So instead of having sophomores living in, it will have to be Juniors. They will sign leases in October of their Freshman year for Sophomore year. That leads to 21 year olds living in the house and being mad that they are 21 and can't drink in their own home. It will also mean that smaller chapters might have to have seniors living in too and we all know how that goes.

On unhoused campuses, I get deferred. When you have to fill a house, it makes it really painful.
I totally agree that this is a major problem. The other factor to consider that I see at some schools (campus culture varies) is that if a lot of juniors go abroad and often all the same semester, filling the house becomes a nightmare when you are left with less than half the junior class and all the seniors!!
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