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Day 3 Bugs could return to a max of 5 her schedule included:

Porky Pig
Longhorn Foghorn
Tasmanian Devil
Daffy Duck

Bugs is CRUSHED – absolutely CRUSHED that Wile E. Coyote cut her- She got into a fight with her next door neighbor who was going to withdraw from recruitment because all that was left on her schedule was Wile E. The girl said no one wanted to be a Wile E. and that they invited everyone back. Bug’s told her that they clearly didn’t and that she would have loved to have been a Wile E. and with that horrible attitude the girl didn’t deserve to be one and should drop out. Well we did always know Bugs was a little mouthy.

Bugs is a little bummed not to have a full schedule but is so happy with who she has left especially Porky- did Aunt Petunia come through with that rec??? Bug’s roommate suffered really bad cuts and was only left with Pepe Le Pew and Daffy Duck. Bugs feels very grateful for what she has.

Today is skit / sisterhood day.

Her fist house of the day is Daffy Duck- uh-oh – Bugs hated everything about Daffy today. She said their philanthropy was “stupid” and the girls were not welcoming… she felt very uncomfortable and unwanted here. She didn’t get the skit and thought it was on the “raunchy side”- with lots of sexual innuendos. She said the girls seemed mean and the skit came across like they were making fun of their philanthropy. She was completely turned off! Mamma Bugs is very sad and upset not only at the description of the skit and girls but also that Bugs does not feel the legacy love.

After her disconcerting visit to Daffy, Bugs heads off to Longhorn Foghorn. Bugs actually can not believe that she was invited back here!!! She is blown away by their skit and said that she really liked their philanthropy and said they seemed to genuinely be involved unlike Daffy who seemed like they were mocking the philanthropy instead of promoting it to the PNMs. Bugs is so happy that they asked her back.

Tasmanian Devil is next up- They pull at Bugs’ heart strings… she said she cried during their sisterhood speech and okay like OMG they have the BEST COLORS EVER!

Finally, she gets to Porky Pig- has Bugs mentioned how much she LOVES PORKY PIG??? Well she LOVES them. LOVES THEM. She never wants to leave. She loves their mascot, loves their philanthropy, loves the girl that rushed her.. love love love. Mamma Bugs is very worried about the no rec thing and that Bugs’ heart will get broken.

At the end of the day she ranks them
Porky Pig
Longhorn Foghorn
Tasmanian Devil

Bottom 2 (or one in Bugs case since she only visited 4 houses)
Daffy Duck

Bug’s roommate still has two left- Pepe and Daffy and hopes to return to both all though she LOVED Daffy today almost as much as Bugs had disliked them.

Preference day is here. Bugs can attend up to 3 houses. She and Mama Bugs had a long talk the night before about Daffy. Mamma Bugs understands why she ranked them last and assured Bugs that she is not upset. She tells Bugs that she must follow her heart and not choose a sorority based on how much it means to other people. Mama Bugs is feeling very low. She REALLY wanted Bugs to love Daffy as much as she has for all of these years but she said she thought she did a fairly good job of trying to be upbeat for Bugs.

Bugs goes and picks up her schedule. She has a full one!!! And OMG! OMG!! OMG!! PORKY PIG WANTS HER BACK!!! She is wild with excitement. She will also be returning to Daffy Duck- “DISPICABLE” and Tasmanian Devil. She is distraught that she is going back to Daffy and will not be going back to Longhorn Foghorn. Bugs calls Mama Bugs for a very long “angst filled” phone conversation demanding to know what Daffy’s legacy policy is and if she should just leave them off if she doesn’t want to pledge them. Mama Bugs cautions her about going into the ceremony with an open mind and made her promise she won’t SIP- she reminds Bugs again to pay attention to the other girls at the parties because those are the ones that she would be closest too and not to be turned off by one bad event.

Meanwhile Bug’s roommate is going back to both Pepe and Daffy and tries to talk Daffy up to Bugs telling her “how lucky she is” to be a Legacy. Daffy has been roommate’s favorite from the beginning and just goes to show Bugs how everyone is different.

Bugs’ first house is Tasmanian Devil. She has liked them all week and was expecting to be very emotional tonight especially since she cried at their skit the day before but something was missing. Bugs said she was so bored and unmoved that she almost fell asleep.

She heads from there to Porky Pig. Love bursting at the seams. She cries, the girl who prefs her cries she can’t imagine ever leaving. Ever. She knows she was born to be a Porky Pig!

Finally, she heads off with dread to Daffy Duck- Tweetie Bird picks her up and talks to her about how much she loves Daffy and how much she knows Bugs must love Daffy having grown up with a Daffy mom. Then Tweetie Bird passes her off to another girl who pulls her into a room by herself. The president of the chapter is in the room along with a third girl. YIKES! Bugs is very uncomfortable as they start asking her who else she visited tonight and why she should definitely rank Daffy number one assuring her that she “had the bid”. Bugs is VERY distraught. Bugs tells them that she doesn’t think that they should be alone in the room with her like this. Afterwards during the ceremony Bugs sits there dazed and confused. She is so turned off by Daffy that she wishes she could just leave the house right then and there.

At the end she ranks them:
Porky Pig
Tasmanian Devil
Daffy Duck

Bugs is unsure whether she should tell her Rho Chi about what happened at the Daffy house, she suspects that Rho Chi might be a Daffy and in the end decides to keep what happened to herself.

Bugs calls Mama Bugs and tells her how she ranked, what happened at Daffy and how she now wishes she hadn’t even ranked them. She tells Mama Bugs how sorry she is but she doesn’t think she could accept a bid if she is given one. Mama Bugs is ENRAGED at Daffy’s behavior and very sad at the same time. Mama Bugs assures Bugs that she will end up where she is meant to be and she needs to trust things and tries to tell her that she is not disappointed and upset but says she is not sure she did a good job.
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