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Originally Posted by Ghostwriter View Post
I'm over 50 and just had to laugh. Also had to check my iPod and make sure Lady GaGa wasn't playing. No glitter though but I do like some of GaGa's stuff. So straight people like GaGa.
She is a guilty pleasure *hangs head in shame* LOL

Alphatausc seems to believe the "big 4" "Southern Fraternities" in the SEC schools would never allow an openly gay person to join. This may or may not be true but I am quite sure there are gay men who have been members of these chapters whether openly or not. Also if another chapter of these Fraternities have accepted an openly gay member he is a brother to all whether the SEC Fraternity chapters/members or alphatausc for that matter like it or not.
@ the bold - This was my point. But I guess I wasn't clear enough for alphatausc. I probably spent too much time Occupying Pride or whatever.
*does side bends and sit-ups*
*doesn't lose butt*

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