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Badge Trends?

Were there any trends in your chapter for what type of badge was purchased, if any? Were the trends by chapter or by pledge class, or was there a good variety? Or did most not buy them? I know some don't have as many options, but several orgs have what seems like a zillion different options, from plain to jeweled to enameled to white gold. And pictures please!

ETA: Here's a PDF of the NPC badges. Is there an image like this for the IFC badges?

Many women from my pledge class (in Jan 2002) chose sapphire and pearl badges, myself included. Several also got chapter letter guards. It was mostly coincidental.Before my class there were more plain gold badges, and some while I was there also bought pearl badges. I don't think I saw any diamond badges. For Kappa you can get any combination of one or 2: sapphire, pearl, or diamond, as well as plain. Guards are optional as is enamel on the letters.

And in the years after, with tears or with laughter, we'll always remember our dear Kappa days.

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