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Originally Posted by BadCat25 View Post
I don't know anything specific about MSU but in general big ten schools are far more open to second rushes than SEC type schools. If I were you I would give it a shot because if you don't you will never be in a fraternity. SO
Study hard & get top grades
Get involved in a student org but not a nerd one
Dress like a greek, not like a nerd
Don't rush the same house that dropped you
Don't target top tier houses, the ones that are most selective
Try and make friends with fraternity members but don't be a stalker
Don't talk about your crap experience to anyone
Don't mention your first rush during your second unless asked and if you are just say that you dropped out because as a stupid freshman the houses you rushed were not a good fit
Best of luck
Oh, OK... so LYING is the way to go? Because no one in another fraternity could possibly know the truth, right?
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