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Originally Posted by AZTheta View Post
Excuse me. I'm sincerely trying to be helpful. You seem to be changing your tack a bit. So, trying to get back to your question, I started thinking about ASU because I live in Arizona and know something about the Greek system at ASU. Are you aware of all the difficulties that the fraternities are experiencing there? You might want to do some research. The way things are going up there at Tempe Normal, there might not even be any fraternities left.

P.S. If you want honey, don't kick the beehive.
Well first of all, I want to thank you for your nice attitude which seems to be tough to find in this thread. Next thing, I went to school on the east coast where if you were not in a fraternity your social life was severely limited. Simply put, you had to be in a fraternity to be at kinds of parties where there is alcohol and people your age group not to mention guys that love hanging out and being social.

I grew with the mindset that being in a fraternity was mandatory for that kind of an experience because you could not have that experience outside of a fraternity. My friends who had a house near the campus and threw parties still talked about how it wasn't the same as being in a fraternity.

Having talked to friends who go to San Diego St, UCSD, UCLA, Arizona St, and Oregon it seems to be the common thing. If you want to party, get wasted, and of course live a college lifestyle of debauchery then being in a fraternity is the only way. Though I am going back to college for an Arts degree because that was a topic that interested me, I would still like to live a college experience I never had the chance to live due to pressure to finish fast and having to maintain a high GPA to keep my scholarships.