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Re: Be Discreet!

Originally posted by LatinaAlumna
A word of advice for ladies who are interested in pursuing LGLOs or MCGLOs: please use discretion, especially in your comments on GC. It is really frustrating for members to hear (or read) comments like "I'm going to join such-and-such this year," or "When I'm a sister..." Please don't take it for granted that you will become a member. I would also strongly caution including any information about a recruitment process that you might be going through. Even though relatively few LGLO or MCGLO members post to GC, it doesn't mean that they don't read it.

I also wanted to add that an interest should be mindful when selecting her GC screen name. You may think it's harmless by picking hot4u or xyz2be or future_xyz. GC is a such a smal place. You never know who is on here.
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