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Originally posted by DeltaBetaBaby
Honeychile, can you add your pants analogy here? I was going to cut and paste, but it didn't make perfect sense out of context.
I was LOL when I read your phrase "your pants analogy", but here it is.

This was is response to the thread on why a woman would even consider a house that wasn't her first choice:

One way to look at it is this: haven't you ever seen a couple pairs of pants (shoes, etc), and thought, WOW! I really like this pair, but this other pair is pretty cool, too. Then you look at the fit, and the first pair just doesn't fit the way you imagined. So, you try on the other pair, and it fits.

Good luck to all the PNMs! Just remember the pants, and realize that you need to go with the way something fits, not the way something looks at first glance. We all have styles that we love on other people, but look nasty on each of us. May you find the house that fits!!!
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