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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
...whined the adult with the horrible fake username.
Rolling at this comment.

& HenrySmith - 72 hours seems like a really short pledge time. However, at the same time, like some of the others above have mentioned....what originally drew you to this group that made you want to initiate? Have you tried talking to any of your fellow brothers, or your chapter president about how you feel? A lot of the times they expect these feelings, and know how to help. Some feelings of "not belonging" are normal. But you should reach out to someone and let them know how you are feeling, and maybe they can help you find your place and get more involved. There are plenty of threads with the usual "I initiated into this sorority/ fraternity and now I don't think it is for me" posts. And pretty much all of the replies are the same so I will do my best to sum them up.

1) Have you truly given your GLO a chance?
2) Have you made any diligent efforts to TRY and fit in and make it work?
3) A week is not nearly a long enough time to decide whether or not a organization is something you want to be a part of. I mean a week isn't even long enough to make solid friendships, or really even get to know the organization at all. It seems you would be doing yourself and the org you chose to be a part of a massive disservice by dropping before you even give it a proper chance. Give yourself some more time...because your choice to leave would be a pretty weighty one.
4) It truly is not your brothers' job to make you feel like you belong in the org. They convinced you to pledge to their fraternity. That was their part. What happens from here is kind of up to you. It's super easy to say that your org isn't making you feel included, but then again, what are you doing to BE included? Get involved. Run for a position. Give it AT LEAST a full semester, if not more.
5) your brothers cannot help you with something they know nothing about. So, try talking to someone before making any rash decisions.
6) The rule is the same, and has always been the same. They are not going to change it anytime soon, and truthfully they probably never will. So, whether or not it seems unfair or unjust to you, well, it is here to stay.
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