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It seems like not being able to have a full chance to check the fit with a fraternity is one of the downsides to the 72-hour pledge program. I can understand your position. However, to be honest, you've only given it a week or two. That's not really enough time to truly settle in to your fraternity. Since you're a brother now, you might as well stick with it for a bit and see if things improve. Maybe give it to the end of the semester at least? Like Titchou said, you "can" resign your membership at any time; but, joining another fraternity is not likely to be an option for you. Even if your current fraternity headquarters is willing to 100% release you from your vows, another campus fraternity is not likely to bid you. Stick with it ok? Talk to your Big Brother and see if there's a place for you to become involved. Best wishes to you.
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