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I basically said I'd like to see a zero tolerance policy, charters yanked, members kicked out etc when this shit happens. Also, that they need to get off their asses and DO something.

I said I don't feel comfortable donating money to the sorority any longer, because I have no idea what I'm supporting. Am I giving a scholarship to a white supremacist? Backing a program that's turning out racists like an assembly line?

I want EO to stop being wishy washy with lame apologies at best and at worst, silence which is complicity. I want them to stand up and DO something. You know ... show some character, which is supposed to be part of the new values programming.

I wrote over 20 recs this year. Three of those recs (so far) have gone Alpha Phi and two of those PNMs are women of colour.

I am terrified of what kind of organization I just recommended them into.

I am so, so angry.

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