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Night 4

So we come to pref night. My card looked like.

Peking Duck
Shrimp Dumplings
Pork Buns

Peking Duck

We come to the room and they’re all singing a pop song as we file in. The president of the sorority, who was extremely nice throughout the week, gave a talk about her time as the president and how the sorority had helped her get out of her shell. They then turned the cannon on us (in a good why) and ask why you had put them down for pref. I felt like my answer was too wordy, but I essentially said I felt comfortable with all the sisters I spoke to. We did mingle a bit, but it was more about speeches tonight

Shrimp Dumplings

The room was dimly lit and sisters came in with speeches about what their time in the sorority meant to them. It got emotional at times, but I managed not to cry as they read their speeches. I did see the bond the sisters had with one another, which was great as I had a pretty bad impression of them before coming into recruitment. There was not much interacting tonight either, but I did see a sister and said I liked her speech.

Pork Buns

The sisters were all holding light up candles and handed us an object as we came in. Sisters (mainly seniors) spoke about their time in the sorority as a sister presented them. They then sang a song, and we briefly got to mingle before recruitment being officially over.

When we got back to the main room where they had us, they told us that we would get an email in the morning saying whether or not you got a bid and some information about the new member process. With that I went to bed.
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