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So I've been to 2/3 of the houses of round 2, and I have to go to the last one in about an hour, but I can't continue rushing. A family emergency came up, I'm actually about to be on my way home right now, so I'm going to have to depledge. ):

But I'll still give you guys an update regarding the houses I went to.

First I went back to Wendy's sorority and I met another sister from there. I'll call her "Yolanda." I got better vibes from her than I did from Wendy, but it still felt interview-y with her as well. We did an arts-and-crafts activity (at every house) since it was the philanthropy round. My craft wasn't very successful haha, but the conversation with Yolanda was kinda weird. When I looked at the craft to see what I was doing, she'd start talking and since she was talking I'd look at her and make eye contact, but then she'd stop talking and just stare at me or look away. Then when I'd look back to do my craft, she'd start talking again. So I guess it's safe to say that this house isn't the right fit for me.

The next house I went to was a house I was bored by in round 1, but because of my own condition (coffee-zombie) and not due to the sisters. So I didn't mind going back to this one, I didn't mind going back to any of the houses since I'm trying to keep an open mind until pref/bid day? idk. Anyways, on round 1 I got paired with Allison and Rachel, and in this round I got paired with "Melinda" and then switched to "Frankie." Melinda was super nice, we had a good conversation while doing the craft. I also really liked this house's philanthropy. I talked to Melinda about it and continued talking about it to Frankie. I had a nice conversation with her too. But I remember looking around as Frankie was leading me out and just feeling like I couldn't see myself there. I know it's super early to feel those feelings, we haven't even gotten to round 3, which is when you really get a vibe for your sense of belonging in the house but that's how I felt. idk. It was still a nice experience though.

So those are all my experiences of today. The last house I was supposed to see was the one with the girl who talked a lot about feet, I think I called her "Hannah" in this story. Anyways, although I didn't get called back by any of my top choices, I still got super excited after the second house (even though I couldn't see myself there) because I think it was a good practice of how a positive mindset during an upsetting experience can actually brighten your mood and make you feel better. (:

Although I have to depledge and my end my rush story super early, I had a good experience and plan to rush again next year as a sophomore and actually go through the complete process.
Sorry to have such a short, lame story. ): But family comes first.

Thanks for reading guys and giving me tips. I'll definitely try to remember to share my rush story next year! I hope you guys have more advice and encouragement for me.
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