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Originally Posted by Remiechi View Post
After seeing all the cute, creative bid day themes on Instagram this year, I thought back on my bid days (as a pledge and active) during the "full frills" years of recruitment.
For each themed day of rush we had custom name tags, matching outfits (no t-shirts or shorts), color coordinated treats and desserts, balloon arches and floral arrangements, along with rehearsed songs and dances. Skit day was like a mini-broadway production.
Yet our bid days, along with the other campus chapters, were spare and simple. We did all run to our respective houses, but there were no signs on sticks or buses to drop us off. The theme was our colors, we hung a "welcome pledges" banner, served cake and passed out a t-shirt and tumbler to each new member. That was it! My roommates who pledged different sororities seemed to have the same experiences.
Comparing it to today's bid days I just find it interesting that after a full week of budget blowing parties our campus chapters just closed the week without too much fanfare. Did any of you that experienced full frills rush have a blow-out bid day as they do now?
My early 1980's experience was similar to yours though without the gifts on Bid Day. Rush was five days with each day becoming a little more elaborate. Skits took up a great deal of preparation with our best dancers squeezed onto a tiny stage. Themed days such as "Camp DG" (Camp Beverly Hills was popular then.) Preference was more elaborate and formal.

Bid day was more low key probably because we were too exhausted from the week especially with bid matching extending far into the night for those involved with work that was done by hand then. Pledges received their bids on campus and then they drove to our off campus houses. Back at the house, our mothers group laid our all of the polished silver, china and printed DG napkins for a luncheon featuring a salad bar, lemonade and strawberry trifle.

We had a photographer, balloons, and the new pledges received a ribbon pin to wear until they received their pledge pin but that was it.
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